Merrilyn Richardson exposes mistaken theories as causes for current world-wide chaos. A false image of God's nature has produced disastrous results. In summarizing recent debt-producing efforts at collectivism she offers reasonable spiritual solutions which involve individual actions and responsibilities that benefit all people and nations.


"You ARE God” answers the questions of what has gone wrong in our United States until America can no longer promise the individual freedoms which cause other nationalities to dream of immigrating here. Such problems resulted from political “changes” or a coup d’é tat by Socialists who hijacked the “Liberal”-minded mistaken citizens in their desire to take care of everyone rather than educate them on self-reliance.

The non-fiction, factual exposé briefly summarizes our spirituality first, then covers the numerous mistaken actions taken in such areas as Liberty, Education, Environmental matters, Health, Economy, Islam challenge, Sovereignty and the final chapter deals with achieving the ideal of Christ Consciousness in the modern era. Christ is defined as: “the Mind of God individualized.”

Dedicated to Virtue and Understanding, the book suggests why our citizens lost the ideals established by the nation’s founders and how to regain our lost freedom, prosperity and virtue.